The World’s  simplest reproduction algorithm!

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Live Pixels is a “cellular automaton” – a consistent change in the configuration, consisting of active and empty cells, where each new image is created from the preceding one according to certain rules. Live Pixels have only one rule – the active cell reverses the state of all its 8 neighbors. An equivalent rule sounds: if a cell is surrounded by an odd number of active neighbors, it becomes active itself, if the number is even, the cell gets empty. In the theory of cellular automaton the rule can be written down as follows: B1357/S1357 – B: born, S: survival, the figures stand for the number of neighbors.


An active pixel in the center changes the state of its neighboring empty cells to the active one, while it itself reverses its state to ‘empty’ which is because all pixels are empty by default and the number of active neighbors is zero at the initial moment:

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